Now...Outside The Box!

Retail Store Closed -  Now... I come to You!

Bicycle Shop

50 Years of Biking and Service Work Experience.

I began working in a small bike shop in Iowa in 1972 when I was 14.

I have worked for Trek, Schwinn, GT, Cannondale, Diamond Back and other Bike companies.

I started the ride support program for Trek and worked at many events.

My shop is setup with Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, custom spoke and frame machining, and several decades of bike specific tools that rival the best equipped shops in big cities.

I will be working on your bike and making recommendations based on experience.

I have fit thousands of bikes to people.  For purpose, comfort and performance.

What can I do for you?


Custom Service Work 

Pick-up - Service - Drop-off

How it works

Call, text or email to book an appointment.

I come to you at home or business and pick up your bike, transport it to my full service shop in a rain and dust free van and recondition it according to your requests.

Then return your serviced bike to you again. 

Call 608-328-3278

Leave a voice message or Text or


Based in Monroe Wisconsin

Transport in 53566 is no additional charge.

Other zip codes an additional fee.

Minimum service work is $50

I work on brand name bikes from Bike Shops only.


New and Used Bikes

Still a few used bikes available beginning at $200
New  Custom Aluminum / Carbon beginning at $1400.
You can shop and order a New Cannondale on line
Have it shipped to me for customizing and the build.
Lets talk

No Electric Bikes - Although I worked in E-Bike projects for Trek and Schwinn and wrote technical documents that were published world wide....I don't sell or work on them.

They are alot of fun to ride.....while they work. Service parts can be hard to impossible to find.

100% of the batteries will fail, are often in proprietary shapes, obsolete in a few years...and always expensive.

Heavy E-bikes are not much fun to ride when they stop working.

And a horror when you want your money back

My solution?

Spend the same money on a quality LIGHT WEIGHT bike that is simple to use, ride, and maintain for generations.

You may go a bit slower and walk a few hills but hey, isn't life going fast enough?

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